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This Is OG Sunday

Nearly 3 hours of Feel good funk and Classic R&B. What’s its like every Sunday at The Dime. DOWNLOAD


The Future Hendrix Experience

by DJ As-Is

A combination of “HNDRXX” and Hendrix”. Both in spirit and sound. I tried to use equal parts of both artist to produce new compositions that felt right and sounded good. 

The Future Hendrix Experience” is 6 tracks and an hour long companion mix which contains each of them. 

As well as Jimi tracks mixed into Future tracks and back. Blends and audio of interviews from each where they seem to speak directly with each other about music & life all woven together to tell a single story.


I put my self all the way into this project.


Since Putting it up Friday June 8th it has been removed from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, My Dropbox where the I had it for download was flagged and removed.  An the album player here (Squarespace) was also removed.  But you can still download it HERE

Up Coming Dates.....

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DJ As-Is


Began his life behind the turntables at 16.  Inspired to scratch by the sounds of 1990s Hip Hop.  After spending 4 years in the bedroom he began to play out at age 20.  With Nearly 15 years playing 4-6 nights a week as well as DJ Battles (DMC, RedBull Thr3Style, Across The Fader) there is not much he hasn’t done. 


Originally from San Jose he moved to LA in 2010.  He has been a staple DJing bars clubs and music venues all over Los Angeles.  Playing familiar hits for weekend warriors as well as specialized nights for the discerning musical palate.  Including his Weekly Funk night “OG Sunday” at the DIME since 2010.  


Versed at playing music of many styles for people of all ages, he plays in a way that reminds the listener there is a person behind the turntables using the same style and technics that originally inspired him to become a DJ.