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Funk Mixes


3 Separate Mixes containing an assortment of 70s and 80s funk/Soul/Boogie Songs.


Rap-You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth? aka Nasty Raps

"You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?" aka Nasty Raps.  A collection of some great all time NSFW Rap Songs.  With more fucks, dicks, shits, motherfuckers, dicks, asses, bitches, pussys, then you can shake your dick/tits at.


Hip Hop-Smooth Gangster

Smooth Rap songs.  Good for Driving....


The Sample Platter Vol. 1 & 2

Hip Hop and R&B Songs and the Songs They Sampled back to back.  90's-Today.  A taste of what I do live at "The Sample Platter" monthly party.  ( See Event calendar for dates)